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  * Use the new joining format for Registrations..
It is in the FAQ 31 - at the bottom of the F A Q - 2nd Page. *
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Good News ! Auto-Repurchasing of Software Packages started on 18th Jan 2016. According to our seniors suggestions, it is decided to deduct .. on every 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th members commission Payment only. This deduction counting will start after recovering the fontsglobal's invested amount Rs:8000/- from the joined person.
Frequently Asked Questions - ( FAQ ) regarding your work and income.

We all Love our Country ! Now we are all involving for our Country Development. We are Deducting 10% from the commission payments as the ' TDS ' for Our Country Development.
Kindly send your PAN card Number. TDS 10 % Deduction which is refundable will start from
22nd Feb 2016. This is for the welfare of our Country. For all details click the above FAQ image.
Respected sir/Madam... A Kindly note from fontsglobal.

We are paying the heighest commission payments to the persons
who are working in our Anti-Piracy Project.
Recently Income Tax Department instructed to deduct
10% TDS from the commission payments.

Kindly send your PAN number as early as possible to the
email address... pan_details@fontsglobal.com

If you give the PAN number, you can claim to refund the deducted
10% TDS amount from your local Income Tax Department office.

According to instructions - If you don't have PAN Card
we have to deduct 20% from your commission payments.
This amount is not refundable by the Income Tax Department.
So, Immediately apply for it. Its processing cost is only Rs:100/-

If you don't have your PAN CARD - You will lose Rs:200/-
on each and every joinings commission payment.

You can apply through internet online or from your any local auditors.
Everywhere there are many agents in dealing the Pan cards.

If you have PAN Card..
There will not be any loss to you in your earnings.
You will feel a little discomfort in this type of adjustments of your
receiving daily payments. But this is for the Development of Our Great Country.
Our Government is involving our people to follow a systematic process.

So, We Congratulate you once again in participating for our Social and
Country Development along with participation in the
fontsglobal's ANTI-PIRACY Project.

ALREADY JOINED PERSONS -- Kindly email your PAN card details to -

Registration Number in fontsglobal:....
email address:....
Pan card number:...

For the New Persons Joining in fontsglobal use the new format only.,
In the New format Pan number and Nominee details are included.


Important Note : Send your payments through the BANKS only.
We don't accept the payments from any Third Party Services or
Service Centers or from any other.
Only after receiving the payment/s through any bank,
we will process the concerned registrations.

Complete your all registrations on the same payment day.

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* Process of Registration and all other details *

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Click here to Login (Only for joined persons before 28th Dec 2105 )

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