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Registration Format and Details.


Fontsglobal is the Designing software company. Towards participating in the anti-piracy project work-
FONTSGLOBAL pays the commissions + lovely bonus and any other declared bonus from time to time.

You are all working in anti-piracy project.. You all earn commissions for referring the computer users and
to the persons who are related with designs or graphics.

Contact your known computer users personally but not through business meetings, advertisements or
through Sign Boards/ Banners/pamphlets/News papers/visual media publicity or through opening or
starting a personal office or service centers or through displaying any such in front of their
premises or any other places.

Explain them regarding the software piracy. And ask them to participate in the anti-piracy project by
purchasing the software products... And inform them that they can also earn if they too participate in
this anti-piracy project...

Fontsglobal permits only the *Personal Visiting cards*

If any person/s groups violate the said conditions then they are terminated permanently from the
Fontsglobal without any considerations. Have all good days. Now you have a lifetime opportunity to be

Important Note: Send your payments through the BANKS only. We Don't accept Cash payments and the
payments from any other Third Party Services or Service Centers or from any other.


Fontsglobal has the facility of payment through the cash payment in the banks, Online Gateway payment
through icici easypay, fund transfer from Debit/credit cards in ATMs, mobile banking - IMPS, NEFT, or
when sending the payment Kindly know the details & take guidance from your seniors.

:::: Money Payments or Money Transfers to  :::

You/she/he can send Online / Wire Bank Transfer / mobile / from any app / Cash Deposit from
any Bank & from any country. Online / Wire Bank Transfer / Cash Deposit in favour of :



After sending the payment to fontsglobal, kindly email the joining person's details along with the
payment / transaction details & copy of the payment proof to:

Important Note : Send your payments through the BANKS only. We Don't accept the Cash payments
and the payments from any Third Party Services or Service Centers or from any other.

Complete your all registrations on the same payment day.

COPY the registration format from here:----- '(A)' to ending of 'Pan No :'
Please don't change any thing in the format. Don't remove or insert any character including space,
colon, semicolon, coma, full stops, Line spaces, etc.

COPY from here........

(A) Your Introducer's Reg.No, email : ( Please copy & paste the details)
(B) Your Selected Plan-3 : 2/F
(C) Your payment details : Kindly give below details
[Bank/Online Bank/Online account/Mobile/Cash Depositing Machine]
(*Kindly Mention All relevant details Mandatory On the receipt
and Scan it and also mention in your Payment details*)
* Manadatory.

(1) Paid Amount :
(2) Bank and Branch (Mention the Branch clearly) :
(3) Date of payment: *
(4) Time (Ask the Bank): *
(5) Transaction Number / TXN Number (Ask the Bank/see receipt) : *
(6) ATM ID (If paid through Cash depositing Machine : *
(7) Mobile Bank transaction Number (If paid through Mobile) :
(8) Mobile Number and details (If paid through Mobile) :
(9) NEFT Transaction Number (If sent through NEFT) :
(10) Other details if any :

(D) Your Bank's receipt Scanned visible, neat copy attached : yes/no
(E) Your Name:
(F) Your Email address :
(G) Your Occupation and details :
(H) Your Mobile Numbers :
(I) Your Full Residential Address without shortcuts: Kindly Enter your address details below
without changing any thing and if you don't know simply leave it and don't use comma or
semicolon or full stop at the ending.

(J) Address 1 :
(K) Address 2 :
(L) City :
(M) State :
(N) Country :
(O) Pin :
(P) Land Phone :
(Q) Son/Daughter/Wife of :
(R) Nominee,Age,Relationship :

(S) Accepting for Repurchase of the software Yes/No :
(for My other computer systems)

My Bank Account Details are :

Account Holder Name :
Account Number :
Bank Name and Branch :
Account Type Savings/current :

My Blockchain address :
{If you pay through Blockchain}

Pan No :

.......... COPY up to here.

Please Don't change the above format. Copy and fill the details. Our computers will not accept if you
make any changes. Don't give line spaces. Don't fill address details in a single line and Don't repeat
the address or name.

If any person gives wrong payment details/sends altered payment receipt for registration-definitely
our departments or Audit sections or our banks will catch them or/and they will be terminated along
with proper actions and their entire team will be attached to the fontsglobal. They will not receive
any further commission payments. And also the paid commissions will be recovered from the
seniors.No other person or company is authorized in any country on the globe to deal the money dealings/any
other commercial or programming transactions/any Projects. will not take any kind of
responsibility on the payments made to or transactions other than

*Mandatory Note* :
After paying the total amount/part purchasing amount, Write Name/s of joining persons + Bank Name +
Branch Name + Date + Time + Transaction Number on Bank's receipt and email the Neat visible scanned
bank's copy/any other proof of your payment along with your all details as in the registraton format
to - ., on the same day before 9.00 PM cutoff time.

Please Don't change the format. Don't give line spaces, Don't end the lines with commas or periods
(full stops), Don't decorate the form with colors or Bold or italics Don't give spaces in between
their addresses like : 106 - 6 - 23 / A / 2. just give like this.. the correct procedure is - 

Mention the working email address only. Don't Use Upper case letters for the email adresses. Mention
only in lower case letters.

Mention the IFSC code and Pan Number in upper case letters.

If you change any thing our computer servers will not accept and the registrations will be delayed due
to the manual editing by our staff which may give you errors in your data.

Check the seniors email address and Reg.number too. The commission vouchers will be released on the
same day. If the senior's registration number is given wrong, the commissions will be paid to the
given wrong seniors's registration number and to their seniors and that paid commissions can't be
recovered.You all will lose those commission payments. Hence be careful or check twice before you send
the details. Send your payment receipt as JPG/GIF image along with the details in same email. Don't
forward or repeat again and again the same emails. Please Don't send your details in pdf or html or
htm or image files..

(A) For sending wrong email address Rs:300/- will be deducted from your commission payment for
reprocessing the software packages and sending again the registration details. We have to reprocess in
the 8 computer systems again.

(B) And for sending wrong bank details we will deduct Rs:200/- for reprocessing the bank NEFT - URN
for your Account. So, Kindly check twice when sending the details. When you are resending the correct
email address or registration number again - kindly mention in the subject as -- Resending correct
email address. Don't send all details of the member again and again. In the same way the Bank details
or Pan Card Details.

For Registration in the Fontsglobal to work in the Anti-Piracy Project- you can pay Rs:4,100/-or
Rs:8,200/- or Rs:12,300/-or Rs:16,400/- and so on in the Bank as a single payment. Kindly mention
total amount in the payment details for each and every person's payment details. Please Don't divide
the paid amount details. Mention total paid amount in the Payments details. Kindly send all
registration persons details and payment receipt attachment in a single and same email on same payment
day only.

 **IMPORTANT NOTE TO YOU When sending a new persons registration details**

Give the CORRECT and WORKING email Address only. kindly check your email address twice before sending
the details to fontsglobal. When you give your junior's bank details - kindly check twice the Name,
account number, and IFSC code as per the Bank pass book. If you give wrong details and if commission
payments were paid to that wrong account number, You can't claim the paid commissions because it will
be credited into wrong account number. That paid commission to the wrong account number can not be