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We have 1,2,3,4,5 & 6 Dharsani Dings volumes. Each Dharsani Dings Volume contains -20( Twenty ) Ding Fonts. They are True type/Post Script fonts. Each Ding font contains 47 lower & 47 upper character images i.e., totally 94 character images. So totally you will receive 47 + 47 x 20 fonts = 1880 different images per each and every volume. After installing in your computer system all images will be linked automatically with your computer key Buttons. In the above Demo view, out of 94 key stroke images of each Ding font you can notice only 5 to 8 key stroke images in a single line. This is a sample demo of 5-8 key strokes of 10 Ding fonts of each volume on the left and the other 10 Ding fonts on the right side. For all other details, Kindly go through the License.txt & Readme.txt. Dings Volumes will be delivered according to the specified Order placed. If you do not specify, you will receive as True type only. You can get Maximum effects to your graphics by simply applying Pundari or Savithri styles on the fontsglobal's Dings or on any text or on any page or on any image.
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