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Good News ! Auto-Repurchasing of Software Packages started on 18th Jan 2016. According to our seniors suggestions, it is decided to deduct .. on every 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 24th members commission Payment only. This deduction counting will start after recovering the fontsglobal's invested amount Rs:8000/- from the joined person.
Frequently Asked Questions - ( FAQ ) regarding your work and income.

We all Love our Country ! Now we are all involving for our Country Development. We are Deducting 5% from the commission payments as the ' TDS ' for Our Country Development.
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Click to register in the Anti-Piracy Project. Type fontsglobal.com
Click'GO'button. Fill the details & pay through your ATM Card/Credit Card.
You have the facility to pay the amount through the cash payment in the
bank, online gateway payment through icici easypay, NEFT, mobile banking-
IMPS and through the Bitcoins anywhere and any time from any corner of the
world. You can also pay all other Crypto Coins too., Kindly know details and
take guidance from your seniors. Expand your teams anywhere on the globe.

Bitcoins Wallet address. This is the id to pay the amount. Copy and Paste
the following wallet code when sending the payment to fontsglobal.


After payment, you have to email the transaction details and a copy of the payment
proof and also the bitcoin wallet receiving address of the registering person if
interested to receive the commission payments of the registering person in bitcoins.

NOTE: New users/persons can open an account in bitcoin through this website.
It will be the permanent account number. Bitcoin website address is :
https://blockchain.info .. For this kindly take guidance from any bitcoin person.

Important Note : Send your payments through the BANKS only.
We don't accept the payments from any Third Party Services or
Service centers/from any other. Only after receiving the payment/s
through any bank, we will process the concerned registrations.

Complete your all registrations on the same payment day.

  Work and earn any where, any time and in any country.
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