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Attractive, Effective and Potential areas of Applicatioins :

MASS COMMUNICATION : News papers and Magazines, e-magazines, T.V, and media,
Multi Media Advertisers & Advertising agencies, Images, Pictures, all types of Printing ( press )
works, For Artistic display of any product, Films and Vedio field., Cartoon movie makers, Cell
phones, Artists, Crafts, Digital images, Digital photo studios. All business people, and others.,

SOFTWARE COMPANIES, and : For Artistic display of Software companies and their
products, Game programmers, Desk Top Publishers, Web designers, Personal Computers,

MANUFACTURING SECTOR : Architects and Engineers, designing artwork on Glass, Gates,
Grills, Walls, Doors, Wood & Cane designers, Ceramic paintings, Radium designers & Cutters,
Interior decorators, Metal designers, Gold or any Ornament manufacturers. Designing and Printing.

TEXTILES and ARTISTS : Hand looms & Power Looms, Fabric designing & painting,
Embroidery, Stiching, Fashion designing & other fields where Artistic applications are required.

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