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Graphics and Artistic Creations in seconds. Easy, Beautiful, Simple, Low cost, Highly Effective.
Dharsani Dings Version 1.0 is having 6-packages. Each is a pack of 20 Ding Fonts. Each Ding
font contains 47 lower and 47 upper characters without leaving any key board key character i.e.,
94 designed characters. They are compatible with many operating systems which supports (.ttf)
True Type Fonts, or ps fonts. Our Dings can be used in 386, 486, Pentium, or better computers.
Anyone can apply thousands of effects to our Dings by using Adobe Photoshop, Flash, Corel
Draw, Adobe & Aldus Page Makers, Paint Brush, FreeHand, Quark ExPress, Font Magicians,
M.S.Office, Type Twisters, Visual Basic and many other Publishing softwares to create Billions
& Billions of Graphic designs, Boarders, Monograms, Logos & also for special effects for other
outputs and will be useful for a majority of Computer and Non-Computer users across the whole
world forever, without any kind of time and language limitations and graphic-designing limitations.

Fontsglobal's Pundari & Savitri styles are very much useful in applying different types of
extreme graphic effects on plain pages or layers, images & on any text. There are total 50
Style Packages in Pundari Styles and 50 Style Packages in Savithri Styles. Each and every
package is a bundle of 40 graphic Styles. Any person can easily apply these extreme graphic
effects just by simply clicking the mouse on a particular style. Useful for every one.

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