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Click the following Buttons to view the respective Pundari Styles-1 to Pundari Styles-50. RTRBAR.GIF
button-1.gif button-2.gif button-3.gif button-4.gif button-5.gif button-6.gif button-7.gif button-8.gif button-9.gif button-10.gif
button-11.gif button-12.gif button-13.gif button-14.gif button-15.gif button-16.gif button-17.gif button-18.gif button-19.gif button-20.gif
button-21.gif button-22.gif button-23.gif button-24.gif button-25.gif button-26.gif button-27.gif button-28.gif button-29.gif button-30.gif
button-31.gif button-32.gif button-33.gif button-34.gif button-35.gif button-36.gif button-37.gif button-38.gif button-39.gif button-40.gif
button-41.gif button-42.gif button-43.gif button-44.gif button-45.gif button-46.gif button-47.gif button-48.gif button-49.gif button-50.gif
After loading the Pundari Styles in your Photoshop style pallete, you can apply the Pundari Style effects within
seconds just by selecting any text or any kind of graphic image or any layer and by clicking on the required style.

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