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Total Packages that we have are 106. So you have a broad range of selection.
( 6 Dings packages + 50 Pundari styles packages + 50 Savithri styles packages.)

Cost of each package in India is Rs: 2000/- or US.$.50.00

After selecting your required Package/s pay the total money according to your
country currency or in Indian currency. You can send the money from any corner
of the world. Bank's collection charges and any Taxes or other charges, if any will be extra.  


NOTE: You can purchase, register and have any (more) number of registrations on the
same name with same reg.details according to your interest, so that you can install the
fontsglobal's designing software packages in your other permitted computer Systems.

Money Payments & Money Transfers:
Online/Wire Bank Transfer/Cash Deposit
in favour of :

Account Holder - fontsglobal.com
Account Number - 092205000421
Bank Name - ICICI Bank, India
Account Type - Current

RTGS / NEFT / IFSC Code : ICIC0000922

Kindly add Minimum Rs:100/- for each and every Bank's transaction..
( Bank's transaction charges are extra.)
Note* Kindly mention the registering person's name on the Bank's receipt.

You can send Online/Wire Bank Transfer/Mobile Transfer/Cash Deposit from
any Bank and from any country.

After Paying the total amount or part purchasing amount then Email
the scanned copy of your paid Bank's receipt or any other proof of
your payment along with your all details as given below to
"order@fontsglobal.com" Don't give line spaces in between lines.

** Send the details on same PAYMENT day before 9.00 PM cutoff time**.
Use the following registration format which is also present in the
FAQ. (Question-31)

Mandatory = Write Name + Bank + Branch name + Date + Time + Transaction
Number on Bank's receipt and Send details with a **Neat visible scanned
bank's** copy + all Details.
Registration Format. Kindly copy the Below format on your desktop and
fill the details for your each joining person in the below given process.
It takes 3-4 minuts to complete each registration details.

Pay the amount in the online Banks only. Don't pay in any service centers.
If you pay in service centers it takes more than one week time. Some times
it takes one month too.
Pay the amount through your internet banking service or through your mobile.
COPY THE FORMAT FROM HERE.. for the registration of New person. ..
From "(A)" and upto "Pan No :"

START.... START..... START....

(A) Your Introducer's Reg.No, email :
(B) Your Selected Plan-3 : 2/b
(C) Your payment details : Kindly give below details
(*Kindly Mention All relevant details Mandatory On the receipt
and Scan it and also mention in your Payment details*)


(1) Paid Amount :
(2) Bank and Branch(Mention the Branch clearly) :
(3) Date of payment :
(4) Time (Ask the Bank) :
(5) Transaction Number / TXN Number (Ask the Bank/see receipt) :
(6) ATM ID (If paid through Cash depositing Machine :
(7) Mobile Bank transaction Number(If paid through Mobile) :
(8) Mobile Number and details(If paid through Mobile) :
(9) NEFT Transaction Number(If sent through NEFT) :
(10) Other details if any :

(D) Your Bank's receipt Scanned visible,neat copy attached : yes/no
(E) Your Name:
(F) Your Email address :
(G) Your Occupation and details :
(H) Your Mobile Numbers :
(I) Your Full Residential Address without shortcuts: Kindly Enter
your address details below without changing any thing and if
you don't know simply leave it and don't use comma or semicolon
or full stop at the ending.
(J) Address 1 :
(K) Address 2 :
(L) City :
(M) State :
(N) Country :
(O) Pin :
(P) Land Phone :
(Q) Son/Daughter/Wife of :
(R) Nominee,Age,Relationship :
(S) Accepting for Repurchase of the software Yes/No :
(for My other computer systems):

Bank Details:

Account Holder Name :
Account Number :
Bank Name and Branch :
Account Type Savings/current :

Pan No :


General details and instructions in Detail

Note* - Kindly write the registering person's name on the Bank's
receipt before scanning. After paying the total amount or part
purchasing amount, email the scanned copy of your paid Bank's
receipt or any other proof of your payment along with your all
details as Given to " order@fontsglobal.com " .

Mandatory = Write Name/s of joining persons + Bank Name +
Branch Name + Date + Time + (TXN) Transaction Number on Bank's
receipt & Send details with Neat visible scanned bank's copy +
all Details. Send the details on the same day before 9.00 PM
cutoff time.

Please don't change the format. Don't give line spaces,
Don't end the lines with commas or periods (full stops),
Don't decorate the form with colors or Bold or italics
Don't give spaces in between addresses like : 106 - 6 - 23 / A / 2.
just give like this.. the correct procedure is - 106-6-23/A/2.

Mention the working email address only. Don't Use Upper case
letters (Capital letters)for the email adresses. Mention only in
lower case letters. Kindly check the Bank details and pan number
one more time.

If you change any thing our computer servers will not accept and
the registrations will be delayed due to the manual editing by
our staff which may give you errors in your data.

For Registration in the Fontsglobal to work in the Anti-Piracy
Project- you can pay Rs:4,100/-or Rs:8,200/-or Rs:12,300/-or
Rs:16,400/- and so on... in the Bank as a single payment.
Kindly mention total amount in the payment details for each and
every persons payment details. Please don't divide the paid
amount details and mention in the Payments details.

Kindly send all registration persons details and payment receipt
attachment in a single and same email on same payment day only.

Please don't forward any email. Send the receipts image in a
neat and visible JPEG/MBP/PNG format only..

Please don't send your details in html/htm format.
And also don't send the joining persons details as an image.
Please Don't add or remove or modify any thing in
the format. It takes just 3 -5 minutes to complete
a persons details for registration

If any person gives wrong payment details or sends altered payment
receipt for registration., definitely our departments and Audit
sections and our banks will catch them and they will be terminated
along with proper actions and their entire team will be attached to
the fontsglobal. They will not receive further commission payments.
And also the paid commissions to the seniors will be recovered from
the seniors.

1.) Please don't repeat the address details.
2.) Don't email the same joining persons details again and again.
3.) The details that you write on the bank receipt, & 'Payment details'
should match.[Fontsglobal will counter checks your given Paid Bank
Details in the Banks statement.]
on the same day to - order@fontsglobal.com
5.) Every day Cutoff time is 9.00 PM. Sundays and other public holidays
are Holidays.. But if any of the companies staff attends the office then
The Registration processes, Voucher releasing process and the
Payment processes will be completed. If not they will be completed
on the next regular working day.
6.) First you complete the registration details and later you are
requested to pay in the Bank, So that there will not be any kind of
confusions to you in the last minute rush. And Don't wait for the
cutoff time.

If your are interested to work for fontsglobal.com you will recieve
your Registration number when you are introduced by any person who is
working in fontsglobal.com., or you can also contact directly for
purchasing the packages. email to " order@fontsglobal.com "

You can work in our project anywhere and introduce any computer
or software user or any other to work on the globe. After receiving
the payment & the details, You will receive Registration Number
within 24 hours from 'order@fontsglobal.com' along with the Designing
packages as .zip files.

IMPORTANT NOTE : All transactions are only through the
email address - order@fontsglobal.com.
Web site Address : http://www.fontsglobal.com
Software company name : Dharsani Softwares.

Work and earn any where, any time and in any country. Click this link to receive all details.
* Process of Registration and all other details *

Click to register in the Anti-Piracy Project. Type fontsglobal.com and click GO button.

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